Welcome to my website. My name is (you guessed it!) Gary Hughes-Fenchel. It was Gary Fenchel before I married. Choose from the following categories by clicking on the appropriate link.

My work resume and my son Ryan's resume (both word documents). Anyone interested in my CV should also read my statement on noseisim.

Fun reading

Animals, what dog scootering is , information about my scootering, a short video of me racing at Dirty Dog Dryland Derby in 2013, a word about some of the rescues around Naperville IL.
Here is a list of places in the midwest & the west that allow skijoring.

How to contact me: send comments here.

Our hilarious movie is finally available online, all 12 minutes of it. If you like it send $5 to your favorite animal rescue.


Santa's reindogs, all hitched up and ready to pull his sleigh.