We have 2 dogs at home. We kept a rescued African Grey parrot for many years, until our new dog decided she looked delicious. We managed to re-home her before our dog found out for sure.  Here are my comments on parrot ownership.

I have reviewed several books:


The Dog Listener (Amichen Bonding)

Animals In Translation

Here is advice for new dog owners I wrote a couple of years after getting my first collie. You can read about the words used in dog training here. Comments on virtual fences can be found here, Comments on doggie boot camps can be found here.

I'm involved in mushing and scootering. Here are comments on an Iditarod kennel I trained at briefly, some brief tips on training your dog to mush. Here is an explanation as to why I stopped training with the local mushing club and started a new one.

I've written a few humorous articles for Dog & Driver magazine, one on terminology, one on history, one on philosophy, and one on inventions we'd like to see.

When my son was in 8th grade I did an hour presentation on collie genetics. It's pretty big. I wish I'd done it in html instead of power point.

Here is a commentary on the 4 collies one Samoyed, and one mutt I've lived with thus far. Can't imagine why anybody else would be interested in it, but I like to look at the pictures from time to time It is a word document, also pretty big.