Skijoring venues (and places that do not allow it)

Places that allow skijoring on at least some portion of trail

  1. Brule Mountain in Iron River, MI. Very nice groomed XC trails.
  2. Lake Ottawa National Forest in Iron River, MI. Very nice groomed trails.
  3. Gooseland Trail outside of  Horicon, WI. This is basically a snowmobile trail. Not groomed, but the snowmobiles pack the snow down nicely.
  4. DuPage Park district. Herrick Lake, McKee marsh, Springbrook.
  5. Rock Cut state park near Rockford. I have not been with my dogs, but at least the portion of the trail open to snow shoeing is open to skijoring.
  6. Scuppernong Trails in Eagle, WI. No pets allowed on the groomed portion, skijorers can use the snowmobile trail.
  7. Lapham Peak. The snowmobile trails are open to skijoring, but not the groomed trails.I was not impressed with the snowmobile trails, but the snow was pretty thin everywhere when I went.
  8. Old School Park and DuPage River Trail in Lake County, IL (near Libertyville). The DuPage River Trail is open to snowmobilers
  9. Gartzke Flowage Cross-Country Ski Trail near Antigo, WI. Groomed. There are several nice trails in the area that allow skijoring.
  1. Mt Pinos, 34.813637, -119.126251 . Ski patrol staff quite friendly, but the trail they recommended (Condor) was up, and up, and up. 2 1/2 miles in there was a meadow that might have been okay, but I couldn't tell - the fog was so thick I didn't dare go into it for fear of getting lost.  There is another trail recommneded to me later off the McGill campground that goes out to Iris lake. It is about 1 1/2 miles each way ... but pretty flat. I went back a year later, and the traffic was so bad we aborted and went to go visit with a friend local to the area. There was a serious traffic delay ... getting off the mountain took on the order of 3 hours. Fortunately, we waited that out at my friend's house.
  2. June Lake. I found a hotel that allows dogs, and several of the trails (Obsidian Dome, Shady Rest) allow dogs. I tried to book a visit in mid-March but the conditions were too warm, the snow had melted.
  3. Brians Head. I stayed at the Comfort Inn. The best area I found was at N37   32.301'    ,     W112  46.770, Deer Hollow Winter rec. Route 148 is closed and groomed not far from there (by route 14), but it is 3 miles uphill skiing. After that I don't know what there is, we were too tired to continue and turned around. Across the street, though, is some very flat terrain. Here is a note I got about it:   If you check the Deer Hollow Winter Rec. Area brochure at
    you will find that there are some groomed trails there (purple, yellow and green) on which dogs are allowed. This area is at about mile 22.5 on Hwy Ut-14 east of Cedar City. See our website for events held there and further info about where to ski near Cedar City and Brain Head.

    If you wish to "skijor" long distances, I suggest you try Cedar Breaks Nat'l Monument on the groomed snowmobile trails though the park and then down to Hwy 14. You could park at the parking area at the intersection of ut-148 and 14 east of Cedar City (Midway Valley) and then ski up 148 into the park (2.5 mi.) and then through the park (some 6 miles) and then back down. If you are a skater you may have problems with snowmobile ruts.
  4. Ebbetts pass, , allows dogs on their XC trails. Permit is $5/day.Go to the Lake Alpine Sno-Park . Not far from Lake Tahoe.
  5. Mount Baldy (NW of LA) allows dogs on the ungroomed (snowshoe) trails, and on all trails prior to grooming.  I went to the Maker Flats trail today (Saturday, 14 Jan 2017); yesterday the website showed 6-12 inches of snow cover. The conditions on the trail were really terrible. There were large patches of exposed roadway, and the icy snow was frequently mixed with slush. The trail itself was very crowded. Parking was very difficult to come by, even though I arrived by about 9:45. Had I arrived 20 minutes later I would have had to park too far away from the trail to even attempt the hike in my XC boots. I have drawn 2 conclusions: 1) Don't attempt to skijor during the weekends unless you like sitting in traffic. Venues are very, very crowded if school is not in session   2) XC skiing in South CA sucks. What little there is all involves inclines.

Places that flat out prohibit skijoring

  1. Rim Nordic, by Big Bear, does NOT allow dogs. There does not appear to be anywhere by Big Bear that allows skijoring.
  2. Mountain High does not allow dogs
  3. Yosemite prohibits dogs in the park in most places, and explicitly prohibits dogs anywhere XC ski-able.