Christmas 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

This year was less like a year and more like a decade. A lot of stuff happened this year.

Way back in February, Gary and Carolyn headed up to visit with Betty Petroski in Iron River, MI. Gary went to high school with her kids. The skiing was wonderful, visiting was wonderful, we had a great time. Suki & Zephyr came with us, although Suki officially retired from all mushing back in December 2011. The warm winter canceled most winter events across MI and WI; it was good to get in a least a bit of winter, and Carolyn skied while Zephyr and Gary skijored.

Things were still pretty sane in March. Carolyn went to Milwaukee and Chicago and the cities turned out with bagpipes in a party mood on her 17 March birthday in summer-like weather. She spent quality time with friends and family and it was one of her best birthdays ever.

Then came the rest of the year.

Some really important stuff happened. Here is a sampling in no particular order.

That is a lot of stuff to happen in a single year. The humans here at 2207 were all blessed with good health, and further blessed with excellent prospects for a wonderful 2013, which will hopefully be a somewhat slower year than 2012. Carolyn continues to pursue her Jazzercise, Yoga, Bookclub & Church activities; Gary continues to go to the gym, Mushing (and is occasionally teaching formal classes!) & still teaches Judo on Fridays, and Ryan is still gaming whenever he can. Gillian is enjoying S.  Korea and started her new job December 1st.

We hope your year was less unsettled than ours. We look forward to a calmer 2013 that will only last a single year, and hope that you'll take the time in 2013 to be in touch with us.

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