Using the earth's magnetic field

to balance the jamma in your food for better health

What is Knifology?

Knifology is the study of the result on nutrition of the angle of the cutting blade when slicing through edible plant and animal matter in relation to the earth's magnetic field. Knifology has been studied intensely for many years, and its secrets largely kept from public eye. The basic science behind knifology has been known for over a century; when moving any ferric material (such as a steel knife) through a magnetic field, electronic perturbations occur which can result in an electronic current being induced. This perturbation when induced in food in close proximity results in the altering of the jamma field of most food. The jamma field, in turn, has a profound affect on the mitrochondria in cells; altering the frequency of the jamma field with sufficient regularity results in a 98% increase in cancer risk. This is discussed in more detail below.

How can Knifology help me?

Do you suffer from low energy? Are you overweight due to improper breakdown of basic carbohydrates? Are you depressed? This could easily be caused by the alteration of the natural harmonic frequency of the jamma in the foods you are eating.Studies have linked insulin insensitivity (which causes diabetes), high blood pressure, glaucoma, and premature skin aging to distressed jamma frequencies.
The lead author of this paper is one of the world's leading researchers in the field of jamma. His doctoral thesis from Snakoyl University on the affects of jamma on health is now considered a classic.
Major drug companies have done their best to suppress his research. When people stay well, they lose money. When multitudes of people live healthy lives well past 100 without use of artificial medications used to cure diseases that could have been avoided by carefully following the natural tenants of Knifology, drug companies will lose millions of dollars. Is it any wonder that they have spent great effort and great sums of money to supress the knowledge of this natural, poison free protocol?
Yes, that is correct: poison free. Medications are all poisons. The difference between pharmacology and toxicology is largely one of dosage. Knifology helps your body by providing it with food that is completely natural, with an unaltered jamma. Your digestive system is very sensitive to jamma, and distressed jamma causes a distressed digestive tract.

What are the basic tenets of Knifology?

Although the Knifology Institute offers advanced course in the proper techniques to be used when preparing, eating, digesting, and eliminating foodstuffs some portion of the benefits of Knifology can be obtained by following a few simple rules:
  1. When cutting food, always use a steel (or other ferric metal) blade.
  2. When cutting food, the blade should always be pointed east and should always be drawn from east to west.
  3. Do not prepare or consume food in the presence of strong electrical fields, nor in the presence of deadly airborne poisons.
  4. Magnets should not be consumed except under the careful guidance of a certified Knifologist practitioner.
Of course, detailed study of Knifology is required to fully reap it's benefits. Controlled studies have repeatedly demonstrated that subjects following these four basic tenets live longer and healthier lives than those who violate them.

How can I find out more?

A full course of study has been prepared to allow you to become a practicing knifologist. You can obtain a basic certificate endorsed by the Knifology University Team that will qualify you to open your own business and become a knifology consultant in 6 months for a very reasonable fee. If you can afford more money and can't afford to wait, you can obtain your certificate in our crash study program in as little as 20 minutes. You can use your expertise to educate your clientele... who, with proper preparation, will reward your efforts handsomely.
All our programs come with a genuine diploma carefully printed with your name displayed prominently on expensive stock. This diploma is suitable for framing and displaying on your office wall. KU (Knifology University) and all KU classes are accredited by  the prestigious Southwestern Eastnorthern Accreditation Consortium.
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